A Thank You to Retiring Member, Wayne Smithies

This spring, we received an email from our long-time member Martello Property Services' President, Wayne Smithies, advising that he would be "retiring from active duty on June 1, 2022", and transferring Martello operations to his son, Warren. While Wayne's announcement didn't exactly come by surprise (he hinted retirement was on his radar for some time), his contributions to Commercial Real Estate over the years have been significant.

It would take many pages to fully document Wayne's advocacy efforts, career accomplishments and defining achievements; however, we wanted to acknowledge this occasion to thank him for his decades of service to the Association, our industry, and our community.



President of Martello Group, Wayne Smithies


Building on Opportunities


Coming from an early career in marketing petrol products and managing motor vehicle service centres across Ontario, Wayne moved to Vancouver to be closer to family and pursue new ventures. With an interest in development and a keen sense of Vancouver's growing commercial market, he obtained his real estate license and completed his Diploma in Urban Land Economics at UBC. Wayne's drive and education led to a successful series of property management roles within the Vancouver area and the eventual acquisition and formation of his business Martello Property Services. Martello has since then grown to a staff of over 50 managers, accountants, administrators and building operators, spread across several divisions and offices between BC and Alberta. 



Wayne's various awards, including the BOMA International Presidents' Award


Moving Forward by Giving Back 


Over the years, as Martello's presence and success have grown, Wayne and his team have consistently given back to the industry, creating new opportunities for aspiring Commercial Real Estate professionals and their communities. Along with serving as the president of PAMA and sitting on the Institute of Real Estate Management board of directors, Wayne served as the past president of BOMA Canada and BOMA BC and as the Secretary-Treasurer of BOMA International, earning several awards in the process. As a long-time BOMA member, Wayne and Martello have contributed much to the efforts of the Association, sponsoring events, advising on our Board, and helping to bring about meaningful industry improvements through education. He has also made an impact through a body of philanthropic work, which includes co-founding Mulgrave School in West Vancouver, cited as one of his proudest career achievements.



Wayne pictured with fellow co-founders of Mulgrave School.


Suggestions for Success


When asked if he had any advice to leave for those working in the Commercial Real Estate industry today, Wayne provided two standout suggestions:

  1. Always be on the lookout for ways to give back and contribute to the industry (he attributes much of his success to following this principle)
  2.  Always keep your priorities in order, especially family.


With a second home in Phoenix, AZ, Wayne's sights are now set on snow-birding and trading in the West Coast's colder months for some well-deserved southern sunshine.


Thanks again, Wayne, and enjoy!