BOMA BC Updates the City of Vancouver on Permitting Survey

We recently surveyed our membership to ask about your experiences with the permitting process in your respective municipalities for commercial and tenant renovations. 

Thank you for everyone’s feedback!

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On November 1st, 2022, BOMA BC met with the Development, Building and Licensing Department at the City of Vancouver to brief officials on our survey results and discuss the continued permitting challenges faced by BOMA members. (As several participants responded for Vancouver, we presented the results to City of Vancouver staff.  We still used all data to inform our approach).

While City of Vancouver staff and Council have made improvements to the permit process in recent years, several roadblocks remain, resulting in continued delays. You told us that the changes are not translating into faster processing times.

Survey data showed:

  • Permitting delays this year cost applicants several thousands of dollars in unbudgeted costs.
  • City of Vancouver regulatory changes in early 2022 have not led to a meaningful reduction in permitting wait times, with a significant portion of respondents waiting up to 30 weeks for permits.
  • In addition to delays, respondents want clear timelines to be able to properly plan.

BOMA BC communicated three urgently needed changes:

  • Consistent timelines communicated clearly.
  • Faster processing.
  • Improved customer service.

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The City of Vancouver committed to continue working closely with BOMA BC to address permitting issues. City staff committed to continue digitizing their processes; communicate BOMA’s concerns downstream to staff, and attempt to offer clearer and more consistent timelines.

In the coming months, BOMA BC will work with the City of Vancouver on how industry and City staff can work together to improve processing time for their permits.  BOMA BC will also meet with Vancouver’s new Mayor and Council about this and other policy issues that impact BOMA BC members.

If you want further information or would like to provide feedback, please contact Zach Segal, Director of Government Relations at