Certificate of Excellence (COE)

The BOMA Certificate of Excellence Program (COE) is now available in BC. The program sets the standards in the industry and recognizes excellence in property and facility management. Certificates acknowledge performance quality, and the people behind it.

COE is delivered as a stand-alone offering for BOMA members OR as a feeder program for BOMA Canada and BOMA International’s Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) awards.

Certification is based on meeting a minimum score of 70%. Using the BOMA International TOBY requirements, entrants must meet standards in building management, operation and design, tenant relations and community impact, energy management and conservation, environmental, regulatory and sustainability initiatives, and the training of building personnel.

Certification Period

A COE must be renewed every three years to ensure that the standard of excellence is maintained. It is valid for a three-year term as long as the property owner or management firm does not change. TOBY Award winners will have their Certificate of Excellence valid for five years.


COE entries are submitted via the online BOMA International TOBY portal. The sections within the online awards system correspond to the entry requirements outlined in the National TOBY Requirements. After BOMA receives your Application Form (see 'Deadlines & How to apply' below), you will receive a link to the portal.

TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year)

Local BOMA TOBY awards will be presented to the highest scoring Certificate of Excellence recipients in each of the TOBY categories. Winners may be eligible to advance to the National competition if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Deadlines & How to apply

Forward a completed Application Form to BOMA BC. Once received, applicants will be forwarded a Certification Guidebook outlining details of the formal submission. Final, formal submissions are due by March 2019.


$500 plus GST includes the $25 BOMA International Data-Submission fee.