Building Tune-Up Program

The BOMA BC Building Tune-Up Program is a recommissioning (RCx) program to identify low-cost energy and emissions savings through adjustments or minor upgrades to BOMA members’ building automation systems (BAS). Targeting largely B & C class buildings, the program provides 100% of the cost to conduct a detailed assessment of operational energy conservation measures (ECMs), a further fixed value amount to implement the identified measures, along with the full cost to verify the measures after implementation. Building owners and/or managers can apply directly to BOMA BC to be a candidate for this service.

Program Phases:

  1. Investigation - BOMA's RCx provider will conduct a thorough investigation of your BAS and HVAC systems to identify opportunities for tune-up and re-sequencing and to assess low-cost energy conservation measures. A report will be provided outlining the findings, including the cost, estimated savings and payback for implementing the identified opportunities.

  2. Implementation - Review the report and arrange to implement the tune-up recommendations and the BAS re-sequencing. The implementation can be conducted by your existing BAS service contractor or a contractor of your choice.

  3. Verification & Hand-off - BOMA's RCx provider will conduct a follow-up review, collect the verification data to ensure the measures are functioning as intended and update the estimate of energy, emissions and cost savings realized. The investigation report will be updated and provided to you as a record of the project. Lastly, the RCx provider will conduct a training session with your building operations team to review the changes and help ensure the new operating strategies persist.


Program approach

There are two options for the program investigation and verification phases: Traditional approach and Analytics-based approach.


Building Eligibility Requirements
The minimum program requirements for an eligible building include: 
  • The building owner and/or manager must be a BOMA member.
  • The building must be more than five years old.
  • The building must not have been a participant in the BC Hydro Continuous Optimization Program in the past.
  • The building should classify as a ‘B or C class’ building.
  • A central direct-digital control (DDC) building automation system (BAS) that at a minimum controls the primary HVAC equipment including Air-Handling Units, Rooftop Units, Boilers and Chillers. Preference may be given to buildings that have control of zone systems (e.g. fan-coil units, VAV boxes, etc.).
  • A preventative maintenance program for the HVAC systems and BAS, with a minimum requirement of annual inspections, maintenance and repairs.
  • The building must have a gross floor area of 75,000 sf or larger.

How to apply

We are no longer accepting applications at this time.