Energy & Environmental Information Hub

Welcome to the energy and environment information hub, a place where you can find real world examples of sustainability initiatives and get insight into how these projects were implemented, things to be cautious of, and key elements to ensure your project is successful. This page will be continually updated to provide the latest information on ways to improve the sustainability of your building portfolio.

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Case Studies:

The following case studies outline a variety of sustainability initiatives and give the reader useful information about how they could implement a similar initiative in their own organizations.


From Benchmarking to Conservation



Best Practices:

The following best practice documents outline an industry supported process for the given sustainability topic. These documents should serve as an educational resource for those implementing sustainability initiatives. 


Building Energy Benchmarking & Reporting


Sustainability Reports:

The following energy and environmental reports contain useful information on a number of sustainability topics. 


National Green Building Report - 2017

NGBR 2017

Building Performance Study

Light House

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EVCS (1)