City of Vancouver existing building greenhouse gas (GHG) emission limits

Cov Draft Regs Consultation Second Session


In March and April 2022, BOMA BC facilitated two consultations and a webinar between the City of Vancouver and BOMA BC members to review Vancouver’s draft regulations that will set carbon pollution limits for existing commercial buildings.  City Council will be voting on these draft regulations on May 18th, 2022.

Over the last year, BOMA BC has been an active participant in all City of Vancouver consultations, advocating for the interests of our members and industry.  We conducted these additional sessions with our members to ensure the City accommodated final thoughts and feedback from BOMA BC members.

This will also be a topic at the BOMA BC Luncheon in June 2022.


Starting with buildings 100k ft2 or greater, the draft regulations will introduce energy benchmarking and reporting requirements in 2024, set specific targets for carbon intensity limits (kg CO2e/m2 /year) starting in 2026, as well as streamline existing energy upgrade regulations in the Building Bylaw (including the removal of requirements). 

If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts about this initiative, please contact Zach Segal, our Director of Government Relations at, or 604-684-3916 x. 225.