Speaker Presentations

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Advocacy Seminar (July 2021)

How to convey Land Acknowledgement at your property (June 2021)

COVID-19: A Tactical Approach to HR & Finance (April 2020)

Luncheon Presentations

City of Vancouver VBBL Changes - full presentation (April 2019)

City of Vancouver Development Permits (February 2019)

Cannabis Legislation (November 2018)

Property Taxes (September 2018)

BC Safety Authority (September 2015)

BOMA Alert (October 2015)

Quality Building Team (QBT) Presentations

BC Hydro Program Offers for BOMA BC

How energy audits can drive operations, maintenance & system performance improvements (November 2020)

City of Vancouver Premise Plumbing and Legionella (April 2020)

PACE Chemicals - Unlocking Building Efficiency from Within (November 2019)

Gunn Consultants - Elevators / Escalators Planning and Safety (October 2019)

Technical Safety BC - Elevating Devices Regulations (October 2019)

Saving Energy with uTrack (June 2019)

City of Vancouver Plumbing & Mechanical Code (May 2019)

ASTTBC - Fire Protection SoP (April 2019)

Asbestos Awareness (November 2018)

BCSA - Regulated Equipment (May 2017)

Hazardous Materials & Water Damage (May 2016)

Harnessing the Power of Technology (April 2016)

Indoor Air Quality (November 2015)


Building Tune-Up Program (June 19, 2019)

Engineering & Design - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (June 12, 2019)

BC Hydro - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (June 12, 2019)

EfficiencyBC - BC Hydro (March 2019)

EfficiencyBC - FortisBC (March 2019)

Analytics (2017): StuartOlson

Analytics (2017): CopperTree

Analytics (2017): Prism Engineering

Earthquake (2016): Insurance

Earthquake (2016): Preparedness

Earthquake (2016): ShakeAlarm

Risk Management (2018): Environmental

Risk Management (2018): Insurance

Security (2017): Active Shooter

Security (2017): Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Security (2017): Security as a Service

Telecom (2016): Developing a Strategy Part 1

Telecom (2016): Developing a Strategy Part 2

Victoria Presentations

2030 District (October 2016)