Types Of Membership

Become a Member

There are several membership categories available through BOMA BC specific to the business type. BOMA BC maintains a 50:50 ratio of business to real estate members.

For further details, including information on how to apply, click on the title of the membership category or on the appropriate link to the left in the navigational menu.

Membership categories:

Corporate Real Estate Member

A company, institution, corporation, government agency, partnership, organization or sole proprietor involved with either the ownership, investment, management, leasing or development of commercial real estate.

Corporate Business Member

A company or firm involved with providing products or services to the commercial real estate industry.

Student Membership

A Student Member is any person enrolled full or part-time in a real estate related post secondary program and not fully employed in the industry.

Member in Transition

A great way for real estate personnel to stay connected to the industry when they become unemployed.

BOMA International Membership

BOMA International membership is an enhancement to the existing BOMA BC membership designed for members interested in maintaining closer links to the international BOMA organization located in Washington DC.  Click here for more details. Please contact BOMA BC directly to apply for BOMA International Membership

Victoria Chapter Membership 

Membership with the Victoria Chapter of BOMA is separate from that of BOMA BC, but provides members to the same range of benefits.