Member in Transition

We know that finding a new job can be stressful and time-consuming. With BOMA BC's 'Member in Transition' membership, *active members can maintain their connection to the industry during their job search.

Members in Transition:

  • Continue to receive the eNewsletter;
  • Continue to receive event announcements and pay the member rate when attending events;
  • May continue on a committee if they were actively participating on that committee at the time of unemployment (i.e. The committee meets between June and September, and the individual becomes unemployed in July, they may continue to participate until the end of that specific term, in this example it would be September).

Length of membership:

This complimentary membership lasts one year, from the date of unemployment.


  • *Active members are individuals who have either attended BOMA BC events on a regular basis (including luncheons, QBT sessions, special events and seminars), or recently participated on a BOMA BC committee. 
  • Must have worked for a company that is a BOMA BC member immediately prior to becoming unemployed.

Please contact BOMA's Membership Manager to get started.