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BOMA uTrack is a cost-effective tool available to BOMA members to better track, monitor and analyze their energy and water consumption. BOMA uTrack utilizes PUMA's user-friendly dashboard which can display utility information according to energy used and costs, GHG emissions, energy and cost savings for your whole portfolio. Data is inputted by the uTrack team ensuring quality control and reducing your time spent on data input.

Baselines can be set to track performance against and compare to your energy reduction goals. BOMA uTrack can also quickly consolidate utility data for energy, facility or portfolio totals in quick access reports that are available in excel, html and pdf.


Interested in seeing a live demo and learning more?  Contact Kiomi Lutz 604-764-2261.

 Download the BOMA uTrack press release.


One-Time Account Setup Fee

  • Setup of utility meters, facilities and corresponding floor areas.
  • Upload of 3 years historical billing data for all required utility meter accounts.  The data will be requested directly from utility providers, with authorization from the BOMA Member.
  • Weather corrected comparison of each meter's energy consumption. Identification of energy consumption trends with correlation weather data for each account, the selection of a baseline period (in consultation with the BOMA Member), and creation of a mathematical model using statistical regression analysis.

$90/Utility Account

Ongoing Fee

  • Access to all reports through the web portal 24/7.
  • Initial training and ongoing training for new features (as part of a group webinar).
  • Up to 1/2 hour per month of help desk support from BOMA.
  • Utility bills are input into the system and quality assurance routines are run to identify billing errors or consumption anomalies.
  • Exception Reports to identify unusual changes in consumption prepared monthly by BOMA BC Energy Management Team.
$20/Utility Account per Month 

Fee Example

Building A:

1 Electrical Meter and 1 Gas Meter.

Setup Fee = $90 x 2 = $180

Ongoing Fee = $20 x 2 x 12(mths) = $480

First Year Cost = $660

Second Year Cost = $480


Building B:

1 Electrical Meter, 2 Electrical Submeters and 1 Gas Meter.

Setup Fee = $90 x 4 = $360

Ongoing Fee = $20 x 4 x 12(mths) = $960

First Year Cost = $1,320

Second Year Cost = $960