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BOMA BC advocates to all levels of government for policies that allow the commercial real estate industry to succeed in our Province. We advance key regulatory priorities such as climate change, labour shortages, permitting, property taxes and other issues. We have successfully advocated for effective programs and policies that support our members and help our industry succeed, including reducing permitting red tape, reducing commercial property tax rates, and introducing financial and regulatory incentives to support our industry meet their ambitious climate change goals.









Government Affairs Annual Report (2015)

Mla Marvin Hunt
Director of Government Affairs Muneesh Sharma speaks with MLA Marvin Hunt about waste management services in BC. MLA Hunt was the former chair of Metro Vancouver’s Waste Committee and former deputy chair of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee, in addition to having been a Surrey councillor for 23 years. After Metro Vancouver’s proposed Bylaw 280 was struck down by the Minister of Environment, Hon. Mary Polak, MLA Hunt was asked to review the bylaw, report findings and provide advice to the Minister. BOMA is pleased with the Minister’s decision to review the bylaw and has expressed its concern that any new bylaw be cost effective, fair, and achieve higher diversion rates. (Jan. 29, 2015)

City of Vancouver Letter re: Mass Notification System (Jan. 2015)

City of Vancouver Community Amenity Contributions letter (February 2015)

Regulating the Use of e-Cigarettes
(March 2015)

Letter from Metro Vancouver re: Tipping Fees (April 2015)

Response to Climate Leadership Discussion Paper (September 2015)

Introducing BOMA's emergency mass notification system to BC Government (October 2015)



 Min Polak May2014

BC’s Minister of Environment, Honourable Mary Polak was the guest of honour at the Green Buildings Gala, giving the keynote address and presenting the Earth Awards (May 21, 2014)

Metrovan Briefing Bylaw280 Aug2014
Bylaw 280
(Aug. 20, 2014)
BOMA held an information session to learn more about Metro Vancouver’s proposed Bylaw 280 and how it will affect the regional waste management system for the commercial real-estate industry. Representatives from Metro Vancouver, the Waste Management Association of BC, and the Recycle First Coalition provided BOMA Board Directors, Energy and Environmental Committee members and staff with their perspective on the proposed bylaw pending approval from BC’s Minister of Environment. 

Letter from BC Ministry of Energy and Mines re: LiveSmart BC Small Business Program (September 2014)

Bennett 2014
Director of Government Affairs, Muneesh Sharma updated Honourable Bill Bennett, BC’s Minster of Energy and Mines, about the remarkable work BOMA members have been doing with regard to energy efficiency. (Oct. 2014)

Letter to Hon. Bill Bennett re: Site C Dam
December 2014

Bch Meeting 2014 Web
BOMA BC Energy and Environmental Manager, Daniel Klemky and Director of Government Affairs, Muneesh Sharma met with senior BC Hydro staff Jim Nelson, Jorge Marques, Lindsay Smilgis, Carmelina Sorace, and Katherine King to discuss energy conservation in commercial buildings. (Dec. 11th 2014)

Letter from the Office of the A.D.M. Emergency Management BC re: Mass Notification System (Dec. 2014)

Min Bond Coalition Bc Businesses
BOMA has been a member of the Coalition of BC Businesses since it was formed to help foster a strong provincial economy and ensure the success of our industry and in particular, the small business interests of our building tenants. BOMA worked closely through the Coalition with BC’s Minister of Jobs Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour, Honourable Shirley Bond, over the past year to discuss ways in which Government can help support our industries and how we can best support BC’s economy. (Dec. 3, 2014)


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Feb 2012

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Mar 2012

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Feb 2011

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May 2011

Parking Sales Tax and HST


Dec 2011

BOMA BC WorkGreen Proposal


May 2010
BOMA Supports Site C Clean Energy Project

Nov 2010
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Jun 2009
BOMA position re:Metro Vancouver Transportation Funding

Sep 2009
BOMA Presents to Select Standing Com. on Finance re 2010 Budget



Jan 2008
Commercial Property Taxation Update

Oct 2008
BOMA's Position on Meeting BC's Carbon Targets


Mar 2007
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Jul 2007
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Oct 2006
Letter to Prime Minister re Vancouver Homeless Issue


Feb 2005
BOMA Presentation re:Property Tax Issue

Oct 2005
BOMA position re: Bill 9 parking tax


Jan 2004
Letter to Premier re Safe Streets Act

Apr 2004
Letter to Attorney General re:Trespass Act

May 2004
Telecom Building Access Report


Apr 2002
Coalition of BC Businesses re: Labour Policy


Aug 2001
BOMA Letter to Premier re: Corporate Capital Tax


Jan 2000

BOMA Special Report re WCB IAQ Regulations

Jan 2000
Letter to Minister of Environment re IAQ Regs

Jan 2000
BOMA Presentations at WCB Public Hearings re:IAQ Regs

Mar 2000
BOMA Position Paper re:Telecommunications in Buildings

Sep 2000
Vancouver Sun re: BOMA Property Tax Opinion Article