Climate Action

BOMA BC is committed to advancing sustainability in the commercial real-estate industry by providing tools an resources to improve performance while reducing costs and carbon impact in commercial buildings. This section of the website is dedicated to the programs, services and education available through BOMA BC. 

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Previous Climate Action Programs

Building Tune-Up Program | 2019 - 2020

The BOMA BC Building Tune-Up Program was an recommissioning (RCx) program to identify low-cost energy and emissions savings through adjustments or minor upgrades to BOMA members’ building automation systems (BAS). Targeting largely B & C class buildings, the program provided 100% of the cost to conduct a detailed assessment of operational energy conservation measures (ECMs), a further fixed value amount to implement the identified measures, along with the full cost to verify the measures after implementation. Building owners and/or managers applied directly to BOMA BC to be a candidate for this service.

(Previous) Program Phases:

  1. Investigation - BOMA's RCx provider conducted a thorough investigation of a building's BAS and HVAC systems to identify opportunities for tune-up and re-sequencing and to assess low-cost energy conservation measures. A report was provided outlining the findings, including the cost, estimated savings and payback for implementing the identified opportunities.

  2. Implementation - A report review led to the implementation of the recommend tune-ups and the BAS re-sequencing. The implementation was conducted by a client's existing BAS service contractor or a contractor of their choice.

  3. Verification & Hand-off - BOMA's RCx provider conducted a follow-up review, collected the verification data to ensure the measures were functioning as intended and updated the estimate of energy, emissions and cost savings realized. The investigation report was updated and provided to the building operator as a record of the project. Lastly, the RCx provider conducted a training session with the building operations team to review the changes and help ensure the new operating strategies persisted.

BOMA Clean Connect | 2013 - 2014



BOMA BC, in partnership with the Province, successfully delivered an incentive program that saw the purchase and installation of 128 Level 2 (240V) electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) in 60 buildings, in 13 cities across BC. The Clean Connect Program offered a substantial incentive amount up to $4,500 per station installed. The program ended on March 31st, 2014.

Check out the following items to learn more about the history of the EVCS and BOMA Clean Connect program.

EVCS Info Booklet 

EVCS Video



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Energy Management Program

Through the BOMA Energy Management Program (EMP), partially funded by BC Hydro, BOMA provided direct assistance to members with strategic energy management planning. BOMA BC provided members access to a qualified energy management professional who will work one-on-one with your organization to develop a strategic energy management plan.



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