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BOMA BC Article in the Sustainable Business Magazine

Daniel Klemky, BOMA BC's Energy Manager was interviewed by the Sustainable Business Magazine about BOMA BESt Certification, collaboratoive green initiatives, achievements, and future green projects. 

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Sustainability Business Magazine 

Organics Ban 

Metro Vancouver will be establishing a disposal ban on organic materials for both residents and businesses in 2015 – an important step in implementing the region’s Solid Waste Management Plan. The plan was developed through extensive public consultation and approved by the BC Government in July 2011.
Organic material comprises of about 30% (over 250,000 tonnes) of total garbage collected. Diverting this material from the landfill will help to increase our recycling rate from 55% to 80% in 2015.  
For the most up-to-date information on the ban, visit the Metro Vancouver website, or the City of Vancouver website to view your options if your building does not currently have organics collection.
Email or call 604-432-6200 for any questions.

Waste Flow Management - Bylaw 280

Bylaw 280 will require waste haulers to deliver residential and commercial waste to Regional Facilities. 
Adoption of Bylaw 280 is necessary for our region to meet aggressive waste diversion goals, while encouraging a flourishing and competitive waste management and recycling industry.
Read more on this topic here

Lawn Sprinkling Regulations

Between June 1 and September 30 every year, the Greater Vancouver Water District places restrictions on lawn sprinkling times to better manage water usage during the warmer months. 
If you live in the Metro Vancouver region, here are your permitted watering times:
Non-residential Addresses:
Even-numbered addresses - Mon and Wed (1-6 am)
Odd-numbered addresses - Tues and Thurs (1-6 am)
All non-residential addresses - Fri mornings (4-9 am)
Residential Addresses:
Even-numbered addresses - Mon, Wed, Sat morning from (4-9am)
Odd-numbered addresses - Tues, Thurs, Sun mornings (4-9am)
For the details, see the 2011 Water Shortage Response Plan.
Watering your lawn outside of your permitted time will result in a $100 fine!


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